Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Now Open at Disneyland Resort

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Now Open at Disneyland Resort - Get your tickets!

The journey to the galaxy far, far away is finally complete! Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is now officially open for guests at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CA. With its debut on May 31, excited Star Wars fans were able to explore the much-anticipated attraction.

Guests of the immersive and interactive, 14-acre themed land are in for quite a treat – fly the Millennium Falcon, make your own lightsabers, have refreshments inside a Star Wars-themed cafe, shop for exclusive apparel, and enjoy photo opportunities galore. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Resort.

As you search your calendar to find the perfect time to visit Disneyland, don’t forget that between now and June 23, 2019, guests need valid theme park admission and will be required to make a reservation to access the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Luckily, the reservation-only period will be gone on June 24, and the gates will fly open for everyone to enjoy the new land.

Disney will open Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, this August.

The summer vacation season is heating up, and has great savings on Multi-Day Tickets for the Disneyland Resort – buy now!

By Jeff Hyatt

Meet the Tony Nominees: Sarah Stiles of ‘Tootsie’

Sarah Stiles stars as Sandy Lester in the hit musical Tootsie. The show was nominated for 11 Tony Awards, including Best New Musical and a Best Featured Actress in a Musical nod for Stiles. Based on the 1982 film, the musical follows Michael Dorsey, a talented actor with a reputation for being difficult. When he can’t get hired he pretends to be a woman to land a big role in a Broadway musical. Stiles masterfully plays Sandy, a struggling actress who is a bundle of nerves and insecurities. She is also Michael’s ex. Stiles was a showstopper in the play Hand To God, which also earned her a Tony nomination. In addition to Stiles, Tootsie stars Santino Fontana as Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels, Lilli Cooper as Julie Nichols, John Behlmann as Max Van Horn, Andy Grotelueschen as Jeff Slater, Julie Halston as Rita Marshall, Michael McGrath as Stan Fields and Reg Rogers as Ron Carlisle. Stiles’ Broadway credits also include On A Clear Day You Can See Forever, Avenue Q and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

Can you take us to when you first learned about this part?
Sarah Stiles: When they sent me the script, I read it immediately and knew it was special. Sandy leapt out of the page to me. It was one of those experiences where I thought, “I hear her,” immediately. I knew exactly who she is, and how I would approach it. And that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes you need a little more work. l could feel her heart. Because at the core of it, she is someone who could be interpreted as kind of victim-y and annoying. But she isn’t at all. I found her so lovable and relatable. And I knew I wanted to take care of her. I had the same feeling with Jessica in Hand To God. I felt, “I know who this person is. I want to tell her story. I want to do her justice because she is a really special person. Their story is going to mean something to other people.” I find that a lot of young girls come to the show. They talk to me and say they relate so much to Sandy. It is so nice to be able to connect on that level.

What was one of the first Broadway shows you ever saw?
SS: I grew up in New Hampshire. So the very first big musical theater show I saw was the road show of Les Misèrables in Boston. I was in the sixth grade and on the edge of my seat. I think I stopped breathing. So much so that I got a horrible leg cramp. But I wouldn’t tell my parents because I didn’t want to leave. I remember looking at all of the people on stage and thinking, “I could do that. Maybe that is an option?”

And on Broadway, the first show I saw was Jekyll and Hyde. I was out of high school by that point. I walked into the theater with this giant group of people. There was all this buzz, energy and sound. The lights went down, and I got goosebumps all over thinking about what I was about to see. The audience collectively took this giant breath in anticipation. You think, “They are going to come out and entertain me right in front of my face.” Theater is so special.

When did you know you had to perform?
SS: My mother always says that I was born performing. I have hippie parents. I was born at home with a midwife to a room full of people. And when I came out, my mother says they all applauded. Very early, I started doing dance and gymnastics. Then I figured out how to sing and use my instrument. And by the time I could make people laugh – not just my family, but other people laugh – I was hooked. There was nothing else.

By Jeryl Brunner

The Ultimate Guide to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Resort


Prepare to discover a galaxy far, far away… at Disneyland! The highly-anticipated new Star Wars land inside Disneyland opens May 31. The interactive 14-acre themed land known as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge gives its Disney guests the exciting opportunity to live out their own Star Wars story. Visitors can dive into the immersive land by flying the Millennium Falcon, building lightsabers, dine inside a Star Wars-themed cantina, shop at the Droid Depot, and much more! has great deals on Multi-Day Tickets for Disneyland Resort – save now!

To visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Park between May 31, 2019 and June 23, 2019, guests need valid theme park admission and will be required to make a reservation to access the land. The initial reservation-only period will be lifted starting June 24. Now… to the highlights!

Star Wars Attractions
Take control of the fastest ship in the galaxy when you embark on the thrilling interactive mission Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. Ride in the famous cockpit of the Millennium Falcon on a daring flight—and whether you’re a pilot, engineer or gunner, every role is crucial. A second ride, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, will open later this year and place guests into a battle against the First Order.

Customize your own lightsaber and become one with the Force at Savi’s Workshop. Travel to Black Spire Outpost into a covert workshop packed with unusual parts, whimsical pieces and miscellaneous memorabilia collected from the far reaches of the galaxy.

You can also show off your droid-building skills at the Droid Depot. Visit a workshop stocked with parts, chips, manuals and other tech items useful for constructing your very own droid, one of the galaxy’s most indispensable sidekicks.

Browse handcrafted toys and collectibles at Toydarian Toymaker, a whimsical workshop where you’ll find all manner of artisanal playthings and collectibles handmade by the busy toymakers.

Throughout Galaxy’s Edge you’ll also find a vast assortment of apparel and accessories, perfect for showing off your allegiance to either the mighty First Order or the Resistance.

Galactic Dining – Beverages and Bites
Step inside Oga’s Cantina, a notorious local watering hole to enjoy unique concoctions for all ages. This is the spot to hang out with bounty hunters, smugglers, rogue traders and weary travelers. With an expansive menu for young ones and adults, the cantina is a welcome rest stop before your crew’s upcoming galactic journey.

You can also stop by Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, a restaurant housed in a working hangar bay. Choose from a variety of dishes prepared with ingredients from across the galaxy. Sit inside the spacious hangar, or grab a table in the rustic outdoor seating area surrounded by the crumbling walls of the old marketplace.

Quench your thirst at Milk Stand with a cup of Batuu’s legendary blue or green treat, served frozen. Or, seek out Kat Saka’s Kettle, an eclectic food stall for some Outpost Mix, a sweet, savory snack made with popcorn.

Black Spire Outpost Shops
Shop for mysterious and unique galactic artifacts collected by a legendary antiquities dealer at Ok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. You can also swing by Black Spire Outfitters if you need a new robe to greet the ambassador of your home planet, or just want to pick up some casual garb to blend in with the locals.

A few more summer months must roll past before Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens at Walt Disney World, which is set for an official debut on August 29, 2019. So far, no reservations are required for Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios.

By Jeff Hyatt

The Top 5 Tony-Nominated Shows to See Now with the Family

Tony Awards Sunday is fast approaching! Broadway’s grandest night happens at Radio City Music Hall on Sunday, June 9, with the festivities broadcast on CBS starting at 8:00 p.m. ET, and hosted by none other than Tony Winner and late night TV star James Corden. (We’re not promising anything, but there will most likely be a Carpool Karaoke involving your favorite Broadway stars.) Why not take in a show now before it all happens to see what all the buzz is about? Here are five shows up for various awards that are fun for the whole family.

8 Tony nominations, including Best Musical
Recommended for ages 10 and up
A relatively late entry to the Broadway season, this high-energy musical snagged an impressive number of nods, including Best Actor (Alex Brightman) and the big one, Best Musical, of course. Based on the beloved film, it’s the story of a goth girl who moves to a small-town house haunted by the couple who used to live there. The dead duo wants back in. And if you say the show’s title three times, a crazed demon appears, and he’s only willing to lend a hand. We would chiefly recommend this show for families with teens, who will love the show’s irreverent humor and stage mischief. Adults will eat it up because they howled at the movie. And who doesn’t smile at a good Harry Belafonte tune?

King Kong
3 Tony nominations, including Best Scenic Design
Recommended for ages 8 and up
One of the most spectacular entries in this season’s Broadway field, this mega-musical tells the tale adults will remember well from the classic film: A young actress comes to New York City just as the Empire State Building has been completed. The city is in chaos, and the Great Depression has taken hold. Soon, she is whisked away by a film director to Skull Island, where they discover Kong, a massive ape. Should she help bring him back to the big city, where can be put on display? And what’s this sense of affection she feels for the beast? Kids will go crazy for Kong, a tremendous puppet maneuvered by 10 puppeteers and suspended by a 17-ton crane above the stage.

The Prom
7 Tony nominations, including Best Musical
Recommended for ages 8 and up
In a small Midwestern town, a young high school student wants to bring her girlfriend to the prom. When the school’s head honchos say “no way,” a group of Broadway stars head to town to make everyone see that love leads the way…as long as they don’t block one another’s spotlight. New York Magazine calls it “a smart, big-hearted musical.” And that’s why the whole family will enjoy the show. It’s got a sly, socially conscious message that both young and old can relate to, and above all, it’s funny. No wonder Billboard dubbed it “Hairspray meets Dear Evan Hansen.

To Kill a Mockingbird
9 Tony nominations, including Best Actor in  Leading Role in a Play for Jeff Daniels
Recommended for ages 12 and up
Based on the perennial bestselling novel by Harper Lee, this new Broadway adaptation comes from the pen of none other than Academy Award winner Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing). Set in Alabama in the 1930s, it’s the complicated story of a young girl named Scout, who watches her world turn upside down as her lawyer father, Atticus Finch, defends a black man accused of a terrible crime against a young white woman. With its mix of childhood innocence and real-world pain, the book has been read by almost every student in America. And that’s why slightly older kids and their parents will want to see it portrayed onstage. In a brilliant coup, the children in the production are played by actors many years older than their characters – and believably so.

11 Tony nominations, including Best Musical
Recommended for ages 10 and up
Brilliantly updated from the film of the same name, this new musical is the story of Michael Dorsey, an actor who will do anything to get the part…even if it means becoming Dorothy Michaels. Tony nominee Santino Fontana stars (the younger and older set alike will know him from the popular TV series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend). And aside from its slew of Tony nominations, it’s earned some pretty mighty raves. Rolling Stone says Fontana’s star turn is “one of the best performances ever seen on a musical stage.” And The Washington Post raves that this is “the winner Broadway has been waiting for.” Now that’s an act the whole family can enjoy.