How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Winter

by: Debra Wheatman
President, Careers Done Write


As the frosty air penetrates through my windows during wee early morning hours and I snuggle tightly within the safe haven of my comforter, I wonder what will motivate me to get out of bed. Oftentimes, I dream about ways to escape my mundane winter schedule in order to relax and unwind. I might consider taking a short, weekend ski trip to the snow-covered slopes of Vermont, a romantic weekend hotel getaway for two, or even an entertaining New York City stay with an outing to a popular Broadway show I have yet to see. Other times, I imagine a longer, warmer jaunt with the family to one of the Disney Park destinations or even to sunny SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida.

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Choose your slope….

by: Debra Wheatman
President, Careers Done Write

Westbowl_POW_12_20_14_Pic_1 (2)Photo Credit: Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort

There’s no denying it; it’s ski season. All of this piled up snow makes me think about heading to the slopes for a long weekend…or even for a week. If I can find the time to get away, I might even stay longer. All I have to do is select the state I want to go to and the type of skiing I like best. I could choose to go anywhere, from Connecticut to California, from New York to Nevada. Whether it’s the powdery, sleek slopes of Aspen, or the blustery mountains of Okemo Mountain Resort in Vermont, the feeling of the fresh packed snow under my feet and the sight of those beautiful winter landscapes around me are sure to make me invigorated and refreshed. Sometimes I think back to a winter many years ago, skiing as far north in Vermont as the Canadian border. We cross-country skied the gorgeous trails all day, and then settled in for the evening in the lodge by a roaring fire. I think it might be there where my love for this season first began, right up there in those mountains, surrounded by snow-covered trees. When I look outside, this season brings back those memories and compels me to make some more.

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The Memories Start Here

by: Alex Mateo
Content Team,

Untitled_Panorama1 (2)

Welcome to our TicketsatWork blog! A place where we get to discuss what we love about travelling to our favorite places, all the shows we love to see, the most popular attractions, and most importantly, the experiences we’ve cherished over the years. I’ve been working at for the past few years, and since I started I have witnessed hundreds of HR managers launch this amazing benefit for their organizations, which has allowed their employees to become members and access the exclusive discounts and special offers only found in this private, corporate client-only program. This blog is your guide for planning your travel and entertainment all year round and a resource to inspire you with NEW ideas for places to visit, shows to see, things to do that will help you create lifelong memories and get out and have some fun. Continue reading

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