Traveling Cirque du Soleil Shows

by: Maureen Mariano
Content Team,

Miranda showcases her incredible physicality on top of a water bowl in Amaluna by Cirque du Soleil.

This past December, I took my first dive into the mythological world of Cirque du Soleil during Amaluna’s month-long run in Miami. All I can say is “Wow!” As my first Cirque show, I didn’t know what to expect but my excitement grew tenfold the moment I stepped foot into the giant blue-and-yellow-striped tent. I wasn’t alone. Other guests, both young and old alike, were beaming with delight as they scarfed down hot dogs, popcorn, candy and drinks before settling in their seats inside the intimate theater – which, by the way, had no bad seats in the house!

Even before the show started, we were entertained by performers who threw popcorn and messed around with audience members. But nothing could compare to the enchanting production itself, as we were transported to a mysterious island filled with goddesses, athletes, acrobats and musicians who showcased their strength, sensuality, humor and talent. My favorite act featured Miranda, one of Amaluna’s central characters. She bent and contorted her body in ways I didn’t think were possible while balancing on a stick with one hand on top of a 5,500-pound water bowl!

Although some may say resident Cirque du Soleil shows are better than touring ones, one thing is certain: you’ll be left totally perplexed and amazed and wanting to see another one – especially for a Cirque newbie like me! So let your imagination soar and your senses run wild at Cirque du Soleil’s latest touring shows, Kooza and Kurios, with the best deals from

How to Choose the Hotel Right for You

by: Alex Mateo
Content Team,

SLS Las Vegas (formally Sahara) entrance with silver statue designed by Phillipe Starck.

Whenever I am in search for my next great hotel, there are a few things I ask myself. Who will be there with me, how much time are we spending at the location, and how many activities are planned. But really, at the end of the day, only one question matters.  How much am I willing to spend? Choosing the wrong hotel has ruined vacations for me in the past, so now I choose TicketsatWork to offer me the best deals.

Given the chance, I’ll always choose the nicest hotels with the best amenities. Free internet, free parking, no or reasonable resort fees, these are things I constantly look for, but on TicketsatWork, I mostly look for the Exclusive Offers. Highlighted with a “Corporate Savings” Badge and Exclusive Offer seal, I sort through these hotels first because that’s where I always find my hotel.

Just last week, I found an amazing deal for my trip to Las Vegas. A four star hotel, the newest and hottest hotel on the Las Vegas Strip! Let’s say I am going to be living it up in Las Vegas at the SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. This hotel has gorgeous rooms, hot nightlife, a monorail connection, the best restaurants, and the list goes on. Granted, it’s a world superior room, but at the SLS every room as comfortable as home (or even more so.) Next time, I’m going to try the deals on the Luxury Signature Suites too. I feel like treating myself next time and if I save 33% while doing it, then that makes me a happy camper.  Thanks to TicketsatWork, I got more with less.

Wait Less, Play More at Universal Studios Hollywood

by: Alex Mateo
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There are scenarios you might want to be at the front of the line… for instance, a conga line, a buffet line, or a queue line at Universal Studios Hollywood. The latter is exactly what you get with Universal Studios Hollywood Front of the Line tickets, and for a limited time TicketsatWork is offering 25% off these useful tickets that not only gain you entry into the theme park, but they give you priority access to each attraction or ride, and skip the regular lines. Once you try Front of the Line tickets at Universal Studios Hollywood, you won’t want to go back and you won’t have to either because TicketsatWork makes it easy to have fun. And with Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem, Transformers: The Ride, Revenge of the Mummy, and more, how could you not want to skip the lines.

Spend more time exploring the park than exploring a queue line, but that’s just half of it. Front of the Line tickets also give you priority seating at each show, so you can always get a great seat for WaterWorld: A Live Sea War Spectacular without having to arrive early at the theater. Before you know it, you’ll have more time for your kids to run about at the child play areas, so you can shop or relax in the magic of Hollywood. Get your company signed up for TicketsatWork for the best deals around and this limited time offer!

Planning my first Family Trip to Disneyland

by: Alex Mateo
Content Team,

Planning a trip to Disneyland to see Sleeping Beauty Castle and the rest of the classics, plus Cars Land at California Adventure with TicketsatWork.

I like many born in Southern California have fond memories going to the Happiest Place on Earth, but I haven’t been able to pass that Disneyland experience to my son, now that I live in Florida. Sure, we have gone every year to Walt Disney World, but that’s not exactly my childhood memories. I remember Sleeping Beauty Castle, among other things. If I want to do it right, I’ll need to take a trip to Anaheim, and so I’m off planning my Disneyland trip.

First, it starts with I can get a great deal on Disneyland tickets and a hotel nearby. Nowadays though, you’re going to have to decide if you want a Base Ticket or a Park Hopper. And although my childhood memories didn’t have California Adventure, there’s no way I’m going to forgo that theme park. So, for me, Park Hopper tickets are a must. We can relive all the classics for the first time, like Space Mountain, The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Splash Mountain. While you might think that Disney World and Disneyland versions of the ride are the same. They are not, so I’m excited to see if he’s going to like one more than the other. Also, Matterhorn Bobsleds will have to be a must. I always miss this attraction at Disney World. Plus, I got to go on Indiana Jones “Temple of the Forbidden Eye.”

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