Pasta and Pals from SeaWorld Orlando

by: Alex Mateo
Content Team,

An America bald eagle perched in the offices of TicketsatWork when SeaWorld Orlando came to visit for a lunch event.

Working at has its benefits, and I’m talking besides the discounts we all get by enrolling in the program. I truly appreciate all the wonderful partners we work closely with every day. SeaWorld Orlando is a perfect example. They recently came and visited our office in Miami, but came with a sea of surprises.

One was a beautiful American bald eagle. I love chatting with the SeaWorld Orlando team; they are always so knowledgeable about the animals. I learned about his wing span, his diet, and more, also the fact that this bald eagle was injured and saved by SeaWorld. They also brought a Toucan to the party with vibrant yellow and red feathers, but I have to say that my favorite pal they brought was a porcupine. I’ve never had the chance before to touch the quills of a porcupine. Now I see why the porcupine has no natural predators.

After taking photos with the cool animals, we got to test our knowledge of SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment while having some lunch. Pasta, my favorite, how did they know? I won a SeaWorld dry-fit shirt when I answered a trivia question correct. What is the only SeaWorld Orlando attraction that has been open since the park opened in 1973? It’s a ride that takes you 400 feet above SeaWorld Orlando for beautiful panoramic views, Sky Tower. A wonderful end to a great lunch experience with our partners at SeaWorld Orlando, and we also did get to talk about our ticket deals and secure more fantastic offers for you only at

The Easter Rush

by: Alex Mateo
Content Team,

Mickey and Minnie Candied Apple Treats are the perfect Easter pick-me-up at Disney Parks.

Now that March is almost gone, I can’t help to think how fast it all went. Too fast, because suddenly I realize that Easter is on its way. It’s in the first week of April! I know a lot of my coworkers feel the same way, and feel the Easter rush. That’s when Easter creeps up on you, and you haven’t planned for it. Has this been you? No Easter baskets to speak of… No Peeps or some of those egg-shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. Well before you fret, a simple solution to this procrastinating predicament is an Easter dash to a special destination. That’s where comes in to save the day. Helping you find the hotel you need wherever the Easter festivities take you, so you can start making memories with your family.

All you have to do is log on with a vision in mind. Let’s say Disneyland! Then take it one step at a time. Find a hotel. Find tickets. Do you need a car rental? Even if planning is not your forte, the program lets you pick and choose like a pro. You don’t even have to shop around. TicketsatWork has the best rates because the tickets are exclusively for its members only! So when you make it to your destination, remember to get a candy rush, and not worry about the Easter rush.

Choose your Spring Break Destination

by: Debra Wheatman
President, Careers Done Write

The ocean, sand, and warm weather are all you need for a great spring break and can help.

When was the last time you went on Spring Break? I mean a real, authentic, bikini-wearing, umbrella-drink-filled, warm-weather, destination event. When I think back, the last time I enjoyed a Spring Break was in Daytona Beach, Florida, between my junior and senior years in college.

Obviously, I’m long overdue for a unique spring travel event. This year, it’s time. So I am gathering a few close friends and getting away again. Although this time around, relaxation is the key. I am determined that we will spend our days sipping drinks by the pool or enjoying pampering full body, hot stone massages. I’m not sure exactly where we will go or even how we’re going to get there, but anywhere with sunshine sounds like a Spring Break to me, for sure. Might I say Hawaii?

It’s time to get you on the road again too! Gather some old (or new) friends or maybe even just yourself. Create the perfect Spring Break getaway for you and yours, and take advantage of all the great deals TicketsatWork has in store for you. There is nothing as motivating as a break…and spring is the best break time of all. So take a look at our incentives on just about everything, just about everywhere—all the best shows, hotels, special events and activities you can imagine. Choose your destination. And don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!

Revitalize the Workforce

by: Debra Wheatman
President, Careers Done Write

Change your mood with travel and entertainment and revitalize your workforce with

So I’ve been thinking about good weather a lot lately (mainly, as you can guess because we never get any). There isn’t a minute this week that I haven’t wished that we were heading into the month of June instead of the March freeze that we have before us.

Still, I’m not complaining (too much.) I’m just considering how weather affects our moods, or at least the way in which the weather affects mine. This morning’s ice storm left me tired and lifeless. Shuffling through slush creates a somberness that no amount of protein power smoothies can balance out.  And all the vitamins I gather up don’t seem to energize me one iota when there isn’t an occasional glimpse of sunshine on the horizon. Is it just me? Or does it seem as if we all could use something invigorating….at work, in school, in life?

As far as me getting my energy back anytime soon, all bets are off….but at least there is some hope for revitalization for you. Once you register your employees, as well as yourself, for TicketsatWork, you and your company will have access to countless ideas for energizing, revitalizing, and getting your groove back. So if it’s a Broadway show that tickles your fancy, or just taking in a movie, your energy level deserves a lift. Let’s all shift our moods in the right direction….