Up, Up and Away: Discover iFly Indoor Skydiving Savings Nationwide

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Here’s a perfect ‘seize the day’ adventure for you and your family: indoor skydiving!

No better time than right now to experience the thrill of indoor skydiving, more specifically the simulation of true freefall conditions in a vertical wind tunnel.

Intrigued? That’s good because our friends at iFly can make that dream of flight become a reality.

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We have you have covered coast-to-coast to check out the iFLY experience of indoor skydiving.

iFLY’s vertical wind tunnel generates 1600 horse power from 4 powerful fans, creating a wall-to-wall cushion of air on which you can safely float. There’s no parachute, no jumping, and nothing attaching you to planet Earth.

It’s just you and the air, and it’s the most incredible adrenaline rush.

Family fun? Yes, a day with the iFly team is sure to give the entire family plenty of fun. Watch the kids get an up close lesson with the magic of physics as they flip and fly within the wind tunnel.

But the ‘older’ kids also get to partake in the action: experience the thrilling feeling of pure weightlessness. Hover around, spin, or do a nosedive – just go ahead and showoff, because you will definitely want to!

The iFly instructors will show you how the high-powered fans blow air upward in a cylindrical column to provide you with a flying experience that is so. Learn the insider’s scoops about body control and hand signals that you’ll need during your test flight.

After a lesson with the experts and an instructional video, you will be ready to go! Continue reading

Celebrate ‘National Fun at Work Day’ with Great Deals from TicketsatWork

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On the list of un-official holidays, National Fun at Work Day definitely has a place near the top.

Today, January 28, is National Fun at Work Day for 2016, and what better time to come together with co-workers – and the boss – for some (extra) fun at work. We like to think TicketsatWork.com fits in perfectly with this (non) holiday, and the art of having lots of great fun with co-workers.

Yes, you can definitely dress up in crazy outfits, play the music loud, ride your skateboard through the halls, and maybe throw confetti everywhere… but we believe National Fun At Work Day allows the fun to happen outside the office as well.

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Great Savings for Fun Spot America & the All New Gator Spot

Fun Spot America is the perfect place for family fun and savings

What’s great about Fun Spot America is that it’s Central Florida’s only family-owned theme park. There are two locations to enjoy a day of fun: Orlando and Kissimmee. Oh, and there are also so many great rides and attractions for the whole family at both locations, the hardest part of your vacation will be choosing what to do!

TicketsatWork.com is presenting a great deal for the Fun Spot America:

Save over 25% for Fun Spot America tickets + Gator Spot Included!

What is this spot for gators, you ask? Gator Spot by Gatorland is a recent addition to Fun Spot America. Opened in May of last year, the 15,000-square-foot attraction showcases more than 100 alligators, including one of Gatorland’s leucistic “white” alligators.

Inside the park, visitors can hold, take photos with and feed alligators. The attraction also features exotic birds, snakes, lizards and aquariums.

Back to Fun Spot America and their famous SkyCoaster. If you’ve ever wondered if its possible to mix hang gliding and sky diving and bungee jumping all together, well… the SkyCoaster is going to answer your question in a big, thrilling way.

Arguably one of the most exhilarating rides you’ll ever dare to experience, SkyCoaster takes you to the top of a 180-foot steel arch before taking a flying dive from the top with nothing but sky to catch your fall.

Step right up and fall hundreds of feet, then soar right back up above the ground, and then go flying above the treetops.

There’s also plenty more to experience at both Fun Spot parks: Experience all new roller coasters, 4-story Go-Kart tracks, thrill rides and a Kid’s Spot that’s geared for smaller thrills for the kids.

Here’s a quick peek at other fun attractions at Fun Spot America:

  • White Lightning: Orlando’s only wooden roller coaster. Get ready for this unexpected smooth lightning fast ride.
  • Freedom Flyer: New steel suspended Roller Coaster. Ascend over guest, with twists and turns that are great for the entire family.
  • Kiddie Swings, Tea Cups, Fun Slide and Super Trucks: Just a few of the awesome rides made especially for kids.
  • RockStar Coaster: Take a spin on a wild mouse style type coaster that produces heavy G forces as you go around sharp and tight corners. With up to 3 people to a seat, your whole cart will be screaming.

Call up the family and friends and spend a great day at Fun Spot America + the new Gator Spot.

And don’t forget our special offer: Save over 25% for Fun Spot America tickets – Gator Spot Included!

Orlando Location
5700 Fun Spot Way
Orlando, FL 32819

Kissimmee Location
2850 Florida Plaza Boulevard
Kissimmee, FL 34746

By: Jeff Hyatt

Experience SeaWorld Orlando with Unlimited Visits + Parking Special

With discount tickets to SeaWorld Orlando, be sure to ride Manta!

This particular savings deal on TicketsatWork.com can easily be described as ‘awesome’ – especially for fans of SeaWorld® Orlando.

SeaWorld® Orlando is a great destination for your next family vacation, and with our Unlimited Visits + Parking ticket special, the SeaWorld® experience only gets better.

TicketsatWork.com is featuring savings up to 35% on Unlimited Visits +Parking.

For longtime visitors, or those just getting their first chance to explore the famous Orlando theme park, SeaWorld® Orlando continues to be a terrific way to spend a day (or more!) with family and friends.

The park is filled with roller coasters and rides, shows, tours, attractions, and family-friendly activities for thrill seekers and animal lovers. And did we mention Shamu? A must-see ‘star’ for sure!

There is always something new and fun to see at SeaWorld® Orlando. In fact, well-known animal expert Jack Hanna returns to SeaWorld Orlando this Saturday to kick off the 2016 edition of Wild Days, a three-weekend event that emphasizes nature, educational shows and wildlife rescue. Continue reading