5 Key Takeaways from SHRM 2019 in Las Vegas


We’re back after a successful SHRM 2019 in Vegas! TicketsatWork connected with thousands of HR professionals from around the world, sharing all the ways TicketsatWork can support a healthy and fun work-life balance via our corporate benefits platform. We networked, met new HR folks from across the country and attended engaging sessions that focused on the theme Creating Better Workplaces. As a team, we left the conference inspired, motivated and prepared for the future. Previously, we covered the 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your SHRM 2019 Experience. And now, we’re sharing our top SHRM takeaways that you can start practicing in the workplace today.

Be actively engaged in setting the culture.
A vibrant, supportive, innovative office culture is the first step to workplace success. And, the more engaged an employee is with this culture, the better work they’ll put forth. This is the same for HR professionals. Actively participating, remaining positive and sharing an emotional connection with employees are all ways you can be both a leader and a team player in your organization – not just a bystander. In turn, employees will more likely do the same.

Create workplaces where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and grow.
Every single person – regardless of their challenges – deserves a chance to grow personally and professionally. Top performers deliver their best work when they’re aligned with and enthusiastic about the company’s mission. Make actionable plans today to help every employee feel empowered, appreciated and part of the team.

Benefits have consistently shown to be the key factor to success.
Today’s employee marketplace is competitive – very competitive. To recruit and retain top talent, you must offer quality, unique benefits that set your company apart. Companies are continuously trying to diversify their benefits based on current laws, regulations and demographic and societal trends, in order to maintain a competitive edge. A key learning from SHRM was this: Make benefits a priority, and remain flexible and open to changes as the workforce changes.

Learn one thing at a time and focus your energy on that before moving on to the next.
Do you have team members who multitask? They may want to change their approach. Studies have shown that multitasking decreases performance, because the brain doesn’t have the latitude to simultaneously perform multiple tasks effectively. This insight can be applied to roles across the company. Focus on fully mastering a specific skill before moving on to the next. Not only does this instill a profound sense of accomplishment, but work performance will vastly improve.

Practice the art of appreciation: You will receive more than you give.
We can all learn something from each other. Every employee provides a different perspective and brings unique talents and skillsets to the table. It’s important to acknowledge this, and to show your employees that you notice their work, commitment and successes, small or big. Expressing your appreciation – whether in words, gift cards, special awards or more – go a long way!

Want to stay updated on TicketsatWork offers, deals and news? Follow us at @TicketsatWork. See you next year at SHRM 2020 sunny San Diego.

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