5 Fun Water Rides at Cedar Fair Parks

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The weather is heating up, and now is the perfect time to make a huge splash at one of Cedar Fair’s popular water parks. Plus, you can save on tickets at TicketsatWork.com! Let’s take a look at five extremely fun rides to check out:

Carolina Harbor Waterpark at Carowinds
As one of Carowinds newest additions, this massive waterpark features everything from giant water slides and wave pools to large play structures and a three-acre kids’ area. Take a slide down Dorsal Fin Drop for a spinning, splashing adventure. The slide starts by sending riders through a twisting, enclosed tunnel slide. Just as the ride gains speed in the curved tunnel, it blasts riders into a large bowl. Save over 40%

Soak City at Kings Island
Soak City is a great water park in the Cincinnati area where families can splish, splash and laugh on more than 50 water activities. Mondo Monsoon is a four-person thrill ride that will have you clinging to the side of your raft as you swing around a dark curve into a free-fall funnel of fun. A curtain of water is sure to refresh you from top to bottom. Save over 40%

Wildwater Kingdom at Dorney Park
From the plunge of Python Plummet to the splish-splashing fun of Lollipop Lagoon, the attractions of Wildwater Kingdom near Allentown, PA are sure to please every water lover. Climb this 47-foot tall structure known as Aqua Racer and hold on tight; you’ll be going head-first, literally, down a series of humpbacked hills to cross the finish line, over 300-feet away on this watery raceway. Save over 55%

Soak City at Valleyfair
Soak City is the coolest place in the Twin Cities area to slide, splash, chill and dine. Get ready for the Raging Rapids! Grab your inner tube and twist through this rough whitewater tube ride that will have even the bravest at heart holding their breath until the end. Riders travel through rapids, waterfalls and tunnel in this fast flowing simulated river. Save up to 60%

Soak City at Kings Dominion
The 20-acre water park in Doswell, VA, features two massive wave pools, extreme water slides, an interactive splash pad for children and more. Pipeline Peak features four totally enclosed slides. Night Slider and Power Plunge are body slides beginning at the top of a 77-foot platform. Rip Slide and Turbo Twister are inner tube slides starting from a 45-foot platform. Gate Opening SaleSave over 50%

By Jeff Hyatt

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