5 Reasons Not to Miss Cirque’s ‘Luzia’ in Orlando


Get ready, Orlando! Cirque du Soleil is bringing its thrilling blend of creativity, talented acrobats and theatrical innovation to town. Luzia by Cirque du Soleil is scheduled to arrive March 7 with performances through April 21 under the Big Top at the Florida Mall.

A riveting mix of high-flying acrobatics and dazzling stage design, Luzia is not to be missed! TicketsatWork.com is offering a special offer to see Luzia in Orlando: Save up to 30% on Select Dates.

Here are five excellent reasons why you should see Luzia!

1. The stage design
The stage production design is super cool, shifting from an old movie set, then to the ocean and quickly switching to a smoky dance hall or a desert scene.

2. The story
Inspired by the richness of the Mexican culture, Luzia is a show that continues Cirque du Soleil’s decades-long tradition of creative innovation. The show is a genuine spectacle, transporting you to an imaginary Mexico, featuring faces, sounds and style taken from both tradition and modern times.

3. It rains
The show adds even more razzle-dazzle by incorporating rain into acrobatic and artistic scenes – a first for a Cirque du Soleil touring production. Integrating the element of water adds a level of acrobatic complexity never-before-seen under the Big Top.

4. The acrobatics

As with any Cirque production, the caliber of performers appearing in Luzia is world-class. As always, you will experience amazing performances from a stellar cast of athletes, acrobats and artists who drive the thrills and creativity of each show.

5. The highlights
There’s one breathtaking moment after another in Luzia. Here’s a quick peek at what is waiting for you at the show:

  • Cyr Wheel artists perform the unprecedented feat of rolling and spinning under the rain
  • Aerialists suspended from a trapeze fly and twirl through pouring showers
  • Two fútbol freestylers deftly mix street dance with mind-blowing ball manipulations

By Jeff Hyatt

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