Top Thrill Rides at Cedar Fair Parks

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We all have our own ideas about summer fun, but certainly most of us can all agree that strapping in for an exhilarating roller coaster ride at our favorite theme park is usually always on the list. And, if you consider yourself a thrill seeker, then it’s most likely your top pick.

While not everybody is eager to hop aboard some mind-blowing roller coaster ride, there are those brave souls who crave the twists, turns and loops. Cedar Fair is famous for delivering the best thrills in all shapes and sizes at their popular theme parks nationwide.

Let’s take a look at some of the best rides at Cedar Fair Parks – Save over 55% at!

Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point
Ohio’s Cedar Point is a thrill seekers’ dream. The park features 18 world-class roller coasters – with a roller coaster for every type of thrill. One ride currently drawing big crowds is Steel Vengeance. At 205 feet tall, the ride is the world’s first hyper-hybrid roller coaster. Get ready for a 90-degree initial drop down to the earth, almost 30 seconds of airtime, 4 head-over-boots inversions,  and ricocheting movements left-to-right, up-to-down and side to side. Saddle up and take the ride of your life. Save up to 40%

Drop Tower at Kings Island
With more than 100 rides, shows and attractions, Kings Island in Mason, OH, offers the perfect combination of world-class thrills and family attractions. Thrill seekers meet their match on awesome rides like Drop Tower, where you feel your heart drop while plunging 26 stories from a height of 315 feet reaching speeds up to 67 mph on the tallest Gyro drop in the world. Save over 50%

Tiki Twirl at California’s Great America
Out west in Santa Clara, CA, California’s Great America is Northern California’s number one spot for fun and excitement. Make a date to try the Tiki Twirl; surrounded by the sounds of tribal music and jungle drums, you embark on a journey past fiery 40-foot-tall torches, exotic relics and tropical landscaping. The twists and turns on the rolling track make Tiki Twirl a must-ride for guests.

There’s also Orbit, where you get rapidly spun at increasing speeds and lifted by a large hydraulic arm to as high as 80 ft. in the air. Then, let the centrifugal force be with you as you get turned upside down over and over again. Save over 50%

Demon Drop at Dorney Park
In Allentown, PA, Dorney Park features seven adrenaline rushing roller coasters! The riding experiences are so diverse, there’s a roller coaster for every thrill seeker. How about checking out Demon Drop, which sounds…. menacing! Want to know what it’s like to be suspended atop a 10-story building? This elevator-style drop ride dangles you for what seems like an eternity until you plummet – without warning – down 60 feet in about two seconds of true free-fall before experiencing the deceleration g-forces as you enter a pull-out curve and end lying down. A great ride if you need the adrenaline rush! Save up to 50%

GhostRider at Knott’s Berry Farm
The popular theme park in Southern California features dozens of rides, shows, roller coasters, and attractions in five themed areas; there is something for every age! Knott’s Berry Farm is home to some of the most fun and thrilling rides in the world. Looming 118 feet over historic Ghost Town, GhostRider is the largest roller coaster in park history and the longest, tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster on the West Coast.

Guests with the need for speed can rocket 0-82 mph in 2.3 seconds hundreds of feet into the air on Xcelerator The Ride®, the fastest roller coaster and most thrilling ride at Knott’s Berry Farm. Save up to 45%

Ripcord at Carowinds
For great fun in Charlotte, NC, look no further than Carrowinds – the premiere entertainment and thrill ride amusement park in the Carolinas. Lovers of big thrills will delight with a chance to try Ripcord, which gives you the experiences of hang gliding, skydiving and swinging – all in the same ride. After you get strapped into the harness a lift cable elevates you to a peak of 150 feet above the ground. At the top, the rider operator will instructor you to pull the cord. Because you pull the ripcord yourself, you’re in control, right? Um, no. The second you rip the cord, gravity kicks in and you free fall at speeds up to 65 miles per hour down, down, down toward the earth, skimming it by mere feet. You then swing back and forth until it’s all over.

Then there’s Fury 325 – the world’s tallest and fastest giga coaster, where you’ll reach the peak height of 325 feet, followed by a dramatic, hair-raising 81-degree drop. With speeds up to 95 mph, this one isn’t for the faint of heart. Save over 55%

By Jeff Hyatt

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