5 Tips to Maximize Your SHRM 2018 Experience in Chicago

Maximize Your SHRM 2018 Experience

TicketsatWork is headed to Chicago for SHRM 2018! If you are too, then stop by our booth to get to know our team – we’d love to meet you. The four-day conference kicks off Sunday, June 17, when thousands of HR professionals descend into the Windy City for enriching development, networking and access to tools, resources and successful HR practices. It may be the world’s largest HR marketplace, but remember, you don’t have to tackle everything all at once. Instead, make the most of your SHRM experience with these insider tips.

Get yourself organized
SHRM is your opportunity to gain more knowledge and stay up to date with the latest HR trends in order to make a lasting impact on your team. It’s crucial to do your research. Study up on the presenter. Take note of which sessions you’d like to attend or HR suppliers and vendors you’d like to connect with. Come ready with questions you’d like to ask. Getting organized will allow you to actively engage and participate.

Network, network, network
Before you head to SHRM, take a look at the list of attendees and exhibitors that’ll be at the conference. This is probably your one chance every year to establish new professional relationships, learn from industry pros and get to know your fellow peers. Make time to collaborate, exchange ideas and get inspired.

Stay in the moment
Four days away from the office may be a lot for some, as work begins to pile up or emergencies arise – but remember to take advantage of your time at SHRM. Instead of focusing your attention on projects back at the office or responding to emails during conference sessions, set aside about one to two hours at the beginning of each day to take care of these items. Then close your laptop and focus your attention on all the exciting activities ahead. And, if you can, take the time to sightsee in Chicago – here’s our roundup of the top things to do in the Windy City.

Attend a mix of sessions
SHRM provides a wealth of resources to not only enhance your current knowledge, but also, to expand your scope. With so many sessions to choose from, mix it up! Attend sessions that are aligned with your own mission, so you can build on your areas of strength and identify your weaknesses. Don’t be afraid to stretch your mind. This is the time to gain entirely new perspectives and learn about innovative ideas and practices you could potentially use in the future.

Join the conversation on social media
This is the biggest HR conference in the world. It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of SHRM, so stay up to date on what’s happening by following the Twitter hashtag: #SHRM18, and also @TicketsatWork. And, join the conversation! By actively engaging in the discussion and interacting with your followers and fellow conference-goers, you and your company can stand out from the pack.

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