Top 12 Wines for Summer and the Ultimate BBQ Cheat Sheet

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Nothing pairs with barbecue like a mouthwatering red. (Or white… or rosé.) The experts at Laithwaite’s Wine – the world’s No. 1 home delivery wine merchant – have put together their Top 12 Summer Wines to give you everything you need to host your best cookout yet. Choose reds, whites or a mix of both for the same great price (just $69.99). Whichever you choose, your wines will arrive with a bonus trio of 98-point Italian reds and free tasting notes.

Need a little barbecue inspiration? Check out Laithwaite’s Ultimate BBQ Cheat Sheet – a taste of the expert guidance you can expect in your tasting notes.

Best with burgers
Juicy beef topped with your favorite melted cheese? That’s definitely a job for The King of the Reds, Cabernet Sauvignon. Try Pirineos, a barrel-aged, gold-medal winner from Spain’s high-altitude Somontano region. If you’re adding bacon, go for a rich Bordeaux, like gold-medal Château du Prieur. This savory-spicy Merlot blend will really complement those smoky, meaty notes.

Vegetarians who love their veggie burgers – tofu, black bean or quinoa – will need a wine with a serious dose of fruit-packed power. Portuguese blockbuster Stones & Bones (a double-gold medalist) really fits the bill.

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner
Who doesn’t love digging into saucy drumsticks? Dark poultry meat calls for a richer wine. In white, go for a toasty, ripe Chardonnay like Chemins de Casel from the south of France. Red wine fans should try a full-bodied Zinfandel (like the 91-point stunner available in the Top 12 Summer Reds Collection) with its intense, brambly oomph.

Steak your claim
Bring home the meatiest rib-eye you can find. Add salt, pepper – maybe a little garlic powder? – then sear on a white-hot grill. There’s no better match for this delightful steak than Argentine Malbec. And yours will be from one of the country’s biggest names, Hervé Fabre. The salty, fatty goodness of the meat really comes into its own alongside the velvety tannins and juicy, dark-fruit flavors of Hervé’s 91-point Malbec Reserva.

Malbec’s kind of a showoff with steak. But for all you Italian wine fans out there, a lusciously ripe and plum-rich appassimento (like the Barbanera family’s 98-point Massaro del Fondo) will win raves, especially when paired with a coffee-rubbed tenderloin. You’ll be glad to have three bottles, included as a bonus with your Top 12 Summer Wine collection.

Rosé – A grill’s best friend
As Julia Child once said, “Rosés can be served with anything.” And who are we to disagree? Dry rosés are easy to pair with whatever you’re serving summer guests. Château de Colombe – a mouthwatering, berry-packed Cabernet-Merlot blend from Bordeaux – will shine with everything from grilled pork skewers and smoked chicken to fine filet mignon. (Yes, rosé is delicious served with red meat!)

Seafood, anyone?
Did you know that Pinot Noir – yes, the red wine! – is amazing with certain fish? Silky and fruit-forward, this Pinot works great with meaty fish like salmon or tuna. Try salmon steaks with an Asian flair – think soy-ginger marinades.

Planning a low-country shrimp boil? What about a plate of grilled clams? You’ll need a white with plenty of zippy-fresh acidity and tongue-tingling citrus character to play off the briny goodness. Serve it all up with ice-cool New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (like Tikohi, made by Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Phil Rose) or a refreshing Italian Pinot Grigio (like Il Pino, a crowd-pleaser from the renowned Giuseppe Secchi). Cheers!

By: Nicole Habif

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