Keeping Your Talent Begins With Letting Go: Untethering Employee Vacations

Project: Time Off

Do yourself a favor: Open your calendar and under January 30, 2018, type National Plan for Vacation Day. While we hope you’ll make getaway plans yourself, this day is, more than anything, an opportunity to strengthen your company.

TicketsatWork is focused on helping human resource departments create positive workplace cultures that foster healthy, happy, productive and dedicated employees.

To that end, we are supporting Project: Time Off, a nationwide initiative to raise awareness about the benefits of personal time for employees and their employers. The goal: ending the modern-day stigma tied to the taking of vacation days.

Did you know American workers forfeited 206 million vacation days last year? What’s more, only one in four employees actually “unplugs” from emails and work duties during vacation.

While some may wear their corporate dedication as a badge of honor, research shows taking time for vacation or leisure activities is essential to personal well-being, professional focus and job satisfaction, all which greatly impacts business results and employee retention.

In the lead-up to National Plan for Vacation Day, we’ll continue to share the latest research with you. All your colleagues – from entry-level to management – should understand the distinct corporate value of creating work-life balance. We’re excited to get you started.

Freedom from Tethered Vacations

Nearly eight out of every 10 Americans own a smartphone. Corporate connectivity has changed drastically in the past decade. As a matter of fact, odds are pretty good you’re reading this on your smartphone right now.

Yes, technology has allowed more people to work remotely, cutting down on wasteful commuting time, making operations more efficient and in many ways improving employee morale. That said, the tech-fueled transformation of the workplace has also destroyed boundaries, leaving employees plugged into work at night, on weekends and even on vacation.

As an HR representative, your goal is to create a positive, productive work environment that helps build a strong corporate brand. It’s also to attract and retain top talent, a task achieved by offering valuable benefits. Paid vacation ranks among the most important employee benefits, based on a 2017 survey of American workers by market-research expert GfK. In fact, of employees currently seeking a new job, 74 percent say paid vacation is either “extremely” or “very” important to them.

And when your company’s employees take vacation, are they encouraged to unplug from communication with the office? Unsupportive companies pay the price in terms of employee retention: 54% of employees believe their company culture supports unplugging; 28% say their culture is ambivalent about unplugging; 18% say their culture is unsupportive.

And, 40% of employees in cultures that do not support unplugging are looking or planning to look for a new job in the next year; just 21% of employees in supportive cultures say the same.

Creating a culture in which employees feel supported in leaving the office behind ultimately fosters an engaged workforce that is motivated and committed – all of which has a lasting impact.

Want to learn more? Check out the research and stats in The Tethered Vacation.

TicketsatWork is here to help

TicketsAtWork’s network of travel and entertainment providers enable your workforce to access the most popular destinations and activities, as well as the best deals. Our relationship with more than 40,000 employers and 50 million employees gives us the buying power to negotiate exclusive corporate discounts with hundreds of top travel and entertainment brands.

Your company is already part of the solution, recognizing the benefits of caring about workplace culture. As an HR representative, you also have the power to take the next step. Encourage your employees to unplug, have fun and recharge. And while you’re at it, make some vacation plans yourself.

Not a TicketsatWork member? It’s easy to sign up!

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