Mission-Driven Companies: What’s Your Purpose?

Mission-Driven Companies: What's Your Purpose?

Now more than ever, employees are searching for a sense of purpose in the work they do. Companies are searching for the same. A company can leverage a deeper sense of purpose as a competitive advantage and use it as a way to attract employees – and customers. Driven by a shared purpose, mission-driven companies and employees can work together to find more meaning behind the work, and achieve better overall outcomes together.

The best candidates are typically looking for more than just a paycheck. They ultimately apply to organizations that appear aligned with their values or that provide a positive corporate culture. There are many other reasons a candidate might apply, but values and culture alignment are key in today’s war for talent. Developing a sense of purpose is also a significant boost for employee retention. Working day-in and day-out toward a deeper purpose encourages current employees in a way that maximizing profits alone never will. They are much more likely to be engaged and, in turn, much more likely to stay at the organization.

As much as employees want to find a purpose and create value toward it, they also want to be valued. TicketsAtWork’s Reward Management Solution platform helps boost employee engagement through recognition and employee awards. How an organization rewards employees is a key indication of the value they place on doing the right thing and living up to their declared values. This is magnified if a company rewards behavior and work that supports the mission or shows purpose-driven significance.

Today’s most successful business leaders understand the concept of shared value – and the balance between creating economic value and social currency. It’s a win for all when businesses pursue a mission that incorporates an overall purpose. Companies should also strive to allow for opportunities outside of work to find purpose through community service or pro-bono volunteerism. In a nutshell: For a company to thrive in today’s competitive environment, it needs to incorporate a strong sense of purpose into every product, service and workforce initiative it offers.

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