The 12 Best Twitter Accounts to Follow to Learn More About HR Technology

The 12 Best Twitter Accounts to Follow

In 140 characters or less, a Tweet can express a lot – and that extends to HR technology. The HR tech landscape changes often and Twitter is the perfect platform to remain up to date on the industry. Follow these twelve Twitter handles to stay on top of the latest HR trends. And, for the latest great offers and deals from TicketsatWork, check out @TicketsatWork.

  1. @HRTechWorld – This is the official Twitter handle of the HR Tech World conference held in San Francisco in 2017 (the first time in the United States). HR Tech World is the largest network of global HR professionals focused on HR Technology. Most impressively, this conference explores how human interaction balances with new digital or tech solutions.
  2. @ImSoSarah – Sarah Brennan is a former industry analyst and creator of the HR Tech Blog. The blog and Sarah’s content focuses on “free and unbiased access” to HR Tech content from a variety of sources.
  3. @williamtincup – William is the president of Recruiting Daily (bonus handle to follow = @RecruitingDaily) and is a blogger, speaker and advisor “at the intersection of HR and technology.” Following William is also entertaining, thanks to his hilarious reposted memes.
  4. @SHRMnextchat – This is the official Twitter handle of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)’s #NextChat Twitter Chat. Every Wednesday from 3 to 4pm ET a group of HR professionals discuss a key topic impacting human resources and you’re invited to join. It’s not always focused on technology but these chats are a wonderful source of information and just the right amount of networking and fun as well.
  5. @JenniferMcClure – As CEO of Disrupt HR and Unbridled Talent, Jennifer is a key influencer in embracing the future of work. She has delivered keynotes or led workshops at over 350 conferences and corporate events – is yours next?
  6. @billkutik – If you’ve ever checked out the HR Tech column of, you’ve most likely read something written by Bill Kutik. Bill is an independent HCM analyst and brings a level of experience and perspective unmatched by most.
  7. @TalentCulture – TalentCulture is a community of professionals focused on how to reimagine the modern workplace. Join other TalentCulture followers for the #WorkTrends podcast and Twitter chat every Wednesday at pm ET.
  8. @JohnSumser – John is a principal analyst at the HRExaminer. He challenges the status quo of human resources and technology, helping industry professionals think differently about what they do or what they can do.
  9. @Josh_Bersin – Josh is the founder of Bersin by Deloitte, a leading research and advisory firm in the HR technology and general leadership and management space. Known for information focused on corporate learning and talent management/development, this group now touches on every aspect of human resources with an emphasis in technology.
  10. @SHRM_Research – The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)’s official research handle is loaded with information and data behind emerging workplace topics. Beyond the identification of trends, the SHRM Research team turns that information into actionable insights and best practices.
  11. @jackyeclayton – Jackye is the editor of com, part of the Recruiting Daily family mentioned above. Jackye’s refreshing sense of humor and perspective makes for a fun and valuable resource for anyone interested in learning how technology is transforming talent acquisition.
  12. @SteveBoese – A list of HR Technology influencers would not be complete without a mention of Steve Boese. Steve is the co-chair of the HR Technology Conference and regularly pops up as the preeminent HR Tech expert across many different publications and platforms.

By following these people and conference/chat handles, you’ll be well on your way to mastering HR Technology. Heck, if you listen closely enough and participate in their conversations – you might find yourself on this list next year!

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