If You Build It, They Will Come: Create a Positive Company Culture for More Effective Recruiting

Create a Positive Company Culture for More Effective Recruiting

Many recruiting departments struggle to find and hire talent that has both the skills required for the job and the right “fit” for the company culture. This struggle only intensifies when the current culture is not ideal for the industry, growth stage or business strategy of the organization. It’s simply backwards to think that hiring the right people will be the cure to fix an existing negative company culture.

Rather, HR professionals and business leaders must first work to address the culture of the organization. Once a positive, collaborative and cool corporate culture is established, you’ll be able to more effectively recruit positive, collaborative and cool candidates.

Look no further for confirmation of this than the 1989 classic movie Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner. Costner’s character, Ray Kinsella, a farmer and baseball fan, hears whispers of the phrase “if you build it, he will come” while walking through his cornfield. He decides that if he can build a baseball field on his farm, then the ghosts of his favorite players and father will come to him. This brief synopsis doesn’t do the movie justice – so if you haven’t seen it, check it out when you have some time to spare.

Back to the theme of this post: Building a positive company culture isn’t as daunting as it seems. Sure, it will take time and resources – but not as much as you might think. One way to get started is with programs like TicketsAtWork’s new Reward Management Solution, which helps boost employee engagement through recognition and employee awards. How an organization rewards employees is a key indication of the company culture – and can be a big draw in recruiting top talent and cultural contributors for your organization.

In a nutshell: Build a thriving company culture and yes, they will come.

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