The “Final Four” Best Tips to Build your Employer Brand


We’re in the final stretch of March Madness as the semifinal games or “Final Four” of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament are set to tip-off this weekend. As competitive as these games will be, HR and Talent Acquisition professionals find themselves in an equally, if not more so, competitive environment in the war for talent.

Some of the key differentiators for Talent Acquisition is a positive employee value proposition and meaningful recruitment marketing. Listed below are the “final four” best tips to effectively build and boost those factors to deliver a powerful employer brand. Doing so will showcase your company as a great place to work and can help with recruiting, development, and retention.

  1. Set a strategy. It may sound basic, but many employers today have disjointed job marketing materials or deploy a “post and pray” strategy on social media. To build an effective employer brand, your organization must first define the value that they will provide to potential job seekers. It might be similar to the value provided to your customers or it might be completely different. Either way, it is important to implement your organization’s brand in a united way.
  2. Share visuals. Creative, well-written text content describing your employee value proposition does not compare to the power of visual representations – showing potential employees your office space or company culture in action. Whether photos or videos, these visuals help bring your employer brand to life while also being more engaging to the content consumer. In today’s world of data overload, visual images have become how customers and candidates organize information (and ultimately remember it!)
  3. Engage your team. The greatest tool that will help build your organization’s employment brand is your current workforce. They can help tell the story of your company and do so in an authentic way. There may even be an opportunity to create a program that rewards employees for active brand participation. Check out TicketsatWork Corporate Rewards and Incentives for a few great ideas.
  4. Be real. Work is not always sunshine and rainbows. An employer brand that shows the truth behind a job or company will earn the trust of current and potential employees. It’s also not always just about the job. By focusing on more than just technical duties in job descriptions, try to show how your company culture supports employees in all facets of work and life. The best employer brands not only highlight the positive aspects of the employer, but also are realistic and create a relatable situation.

No matter your school affiliation or tournament bracket standing, we all can cheer for better employer branding!

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