3 Must-Do’s to Attract Top Talent in 2017

Attract top talent in 2017 with these must-do tips for HR managers and recruiters at TicketsatWork.com.

Q1 is a busy time of year for recruiters and HR teams looking to fill vacant roles within their organizations. And, as most recruiters know, finding great talent is not an easy task. Here are three must-do tips to help your organization attract the best candidates and stand out as an “employer of choice” among the competition.

  1. Leverage technology: No, robots will not take over the recruiting industry in 2017. However, technology will continue to change the game when it comes to sourcing, selection and the overall recruiting workflow. Recent technology advances, and the high-volume recruiting process, have led to the standardization and automation of administrative tasks such as application reviews and interview scheduling. Enhanced selection capabilities including video and virtual reality are also being used to seek top talent. HR teams should take the time to dig through the multiple HR tech vendor pitches to find a comprehensive solution that will make things easier for their team, recruiters and candidates.
  2. Make it a team effort: A successful hire is no longer the sole responsibility of an independent recruiter or HR team. Rather, it must be an integrated effort where recruiters and hiring managers work together to solicit referrals and candidate feedback. To do this effectively, it would be prudent for employers to offer a monetary bonus or other reward incentive for each successful referral or organize a fun team event for the group with the most active participation in employment branding events or initiatives.
  3. Get creative with a tight budget: HR and recruiting budgets tend to be tight, and finding top-notch talent is not cheap. This economic reality in tandem with the increased focus of talent “attraction” (not just acquisition), makes employment branding and talent marketing a critical priority for organizations. As social media and career feedback sites like Glassdoor and The Muse become increasingly popular among job seekers, companies must be intentional about their brand awareness and should use these free (or relatively cheap) resources to help spread the word about what the culture and professional benefits are like within their organization.

Leveraging these tips with the goal of making positive enhancements to both the recruiter and candidate experience will put your organization in the perfect position to find and acquire the best talent this year. Happy talent hunting!

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