Mark Your Calendars: Celebrate National Plan for Vacation Day on January 31, 2017

Celebrate National Plan for Vacation Day with!

You may not think of vacation planning in January, but this is the ideal time to do so. When it comes to the perfect vacation, procrastinators lose out. According to Project: Time Off, those who plan are more likely to take their vacations – and to overall enjoy them more. Plus, there’s another bonus to planning now: The early bird gets the best deals. Book now, and you’ll get access to the top shows, sights and tours.

TicketsatWork will join forces with Project: Time Off on January 31 for the first National Plan for Vacation Day – a call to action for Americans to get a jumpstart on planning their vacation. EBG is supporting the initiative with offers on thousands of nationwide travel and entertainment experiences through its platform.

Project: Time Off research revealed that, in a nutshell, taking vacation is important. Most managers (89 percent) agree that employees return to work after vacation with greater focus and creativity. Even so, more than half (55 percent) of Americans do not use all the time off they earn – leading to 658 million unused vacation days each year. And less than half (49 percent) of the households surveyed set aside time to plan their vacations, which is the most critical factor when it comes to employees actually taking their earned time off and reaping its full benefits.

“America’s unused vacation fundamentally hurts the performance of workers and the vibrancy of businesses,” said Gary Oster, Managing Director of Project: Time Off. “Our focus is to lead a movement that transforms America’s attitudes and behavior about vacation time, and TicketsatWork’s powerful network of over 40,000 human resources professionals and 50 million employees will be integral to real change.”

Now’s the time for employees to take back their calendars. Check out TicketsatWork, and save on every part of travel, from hotels to shows to theme parks across the country. For inspiration, take a look at our city guides for New York, Orlando and Las Vegas.

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