Save on LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago, Get a Lego Collectible

Visit LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago and get a Lego collectible!

Families visiting Chicago should definitely look into spending a fun-filled day at LEGOLAND® Discovery Center.

Designed for children aged 3 to 10, the kids will enjoy a world of creativity, color and building fun in the ultimate indoor LEGO playground.

Save 35% on admission to LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago by visiting today, plus receive a special LEGO collectible.

Get hands-on with the thousands of LEGO® bricks in themed build and play areas where kids’ imaginations can run wild with the endless possibilities that LEGO play offers.

A new MINILAND Chicago features some of the iconic scenes from the city built entirely from LEGO bricks. There’s also a new 4D movie theater, giving guests a chance to experience a whole new LEGO Movie adventure.

Kids imaginations will run wild at LEGLAND Discovery Centers Build & Test

That’s just the tip of the LEGO iceberg. There are also a slew of exhibits for the kids:

  • Jungle Expedition – Trek into theLEGO jungle and come face to face with some incredible life-size LEGO jungle animals! From tigers, to hippos and monkeys, follow the quiz trail to help you learn fun facts about our LEGO jungle friends.

  • Kingdom Quest Laser Ride – Armed with your laser zapper, ride through the forest in your dragon car and help destroy the villains! You get points for each skeleton and troll that you zap, and there are also bonus targets to really help boost your score.
  • Factory Tour – Enter the LEGO fun factory and learn all about how LEGO bricks are made. Professor Brick-a-Brack will take you through each step of the brick creation process, starting with the plastic granulate, all the way through to printing and distribution.
  • LEGO Racers: Build & Test – The Build and Test zone is at the heart of the LEGOLAND Discovery Center. Here children can build and create their own LEGO creations from a selection of thousands of LEGO bricks and wheels.
  • DUPLO Village – DUPLO Village is perfect for the youngest LEGO builders! DUPLO bricks and large-scale soft bricks make it easy for even the youngest kids to get involved.

 There’s also fun to be had at Merlin’s Apprentice Ride, Pirate Adventure Island, and LEGO Master Builder Academy.

The Snack Bar offers options such as salads, sandwiches, chips, candy, granola bars and bottled drinks. You can also drop into the LEGOLAND Discovery Center Shop to see all the latest LEGO sets.

It’s going to be a super-sized day of fun at LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Chicago!

Save 35% on admission – plus receive a special LEGO collectible – when you visit

By: Jeff Hyatt

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