Professional Bull Riders Charge into Charlotte for Two Days of Thrills

Saddle up and get ready to watch Professional Bull Riding (PBR) in Charlotte with discount tickets from!

The Professional Bull Riders (PBR) is headed back to Charlotte, North Carolina for the Charlotte Invitational on Sept. 16-17 at Time Warner Cable Arena.

OK, so maybe professional bull riding isn’t a sport you have seen much of. Perhaps you were flipping through the TV channels one afternoon and found these cool guys in cowboy hats trying really, really hard to hold onto a mammoth bull and thinking, “Wow, doesn’t that look difficult, I’m so glad I chose tennis as my sport.”

But let me tell you, watching a few minutes of bull riding on TV is nothing compared to the super thrills you will experience by catching these brave bull riders in person.

The PBR in Charlotte is your chance to experience the fun in person.

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Here’s your opportunity to see the world’s greatest bull riders in action with captivating 8-second rides and jaw-dropping wipeouts. You’ll stand up and cheer as 150-pound, courageous cowboys risk it all against opponents more than 10 times their size, weighing in at roughly 2,000 pounds.

Put down the golf clubs and see this heart pounding action live at the Charlotte Invitational; the top-35 bull riders will do battle to solidify their spots in the PBR World Standings.

The two-day event will begin at 8 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 16, and at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 17.

For two nights the toughest bull riders in the world will face the sport’s rowdiest bulls for their share of the $140,000 total purse.

Don’t miss the action in Charlotte on Sept. 16-17 at Time Warner Cable Arena.

And don’t miss our special ticket savings: Over 35% savings on select seats.

By: Jeff Hyatt

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