Drive Supercars, Including a Lamborghini, at Fittipaldi Exotic Driving in Austin

Get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini at Fittipaldi Exotic Driving in Austin

“I feel the need, the need for speed.” If those famous words spoken by Tom Cruise in Top Gun are your motto, then I have just the right adventure for you.

The Fittipaldi Exotic Driving Experience down in Texas delivers the extreme –and extremely fun – experience of blazing around the open raceway behind the wheel of a world-class racecar.

Feel like taking a Lamborghini or Ferrari for a spin? This is for you.

Located at three tracks – MSR Houston, Driveway Austin, and Texas Motor Speedway – the Fittipaldi Exotic Driving Experience puts you behind the wheel of a dream car – with permission to go fast.

Today we’re focusing on Driveway Austin, which has two event dates coming up: September 9 and 10. has a new deal designed for all you racecar enthusiasts:
Save over 25% and receive a FREE 2 Lap Upgrade!

Located in the heart of Texas, Driveway Austin is a unique motorsports training, development and vehicle-showcasing complex that bring a European style to the Fittipaldi Exotic Driving Experience. The superb Elevation Course has extreme elevation changes, signature corners, extensive training facilities and a F1 calibre track that weaves its way through canopies of trees alongside the Colorado River.

The surface of the track is smooth, flat and has the perfect amount of grip.

Driving Experience Packages:

Thrill Ride – Experience the speed and performance of a Race Car in the hands of a professional driver for two thrilling laps around the track. Put on a racing suit, helmet, and Hans device and hold on!
• Lamborghini LP570-4 Superleggera: 6-Lap Package Driving Experience
• Ferrari 430 Scuderia: 6-Lap Package Driving Experience
• Nissan GT-R: 6-Lap Package Driving Experience
• Porsche 997 S: 6-Lap Package Driving Experience

Designed for guests 18 and older, the racecar experience includes 1 hour of instruction on operating the vehicle and course overview.

Rev up your engines and get set to drive the most exotic cars in the world with the Fittipaldi Exotic Driving Experience. Also, if you’re looking for savings on other locations including Houston and the Texas Motor Speedway, Tickets at Work has got you covered!

By: Jeff Hyatt

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