Soak up Some Summer Fun at Noah’s Ark, America’s Largest Water Park

Dive into Noah’s Ark, America’s largest water park, with discount tickets from

When it comes to the fun world of water parks someone has to carry the title of ‘biggest,’ and the winner of that hefty honor is none other than Noah’s Ark in Wisconsin.

Sprawled across 70 acres in the heart of Wisconsin Dells, aka the ‘Water Park Capital of the World,’ Noah’s Ark has built its reputation on providing super thrills and a fantastic, overall experience for the entire family.

From Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, Noah’s Ark is open for a summer of good times under the sun.

So judging by my company calendar that means there is still plenty of time to hit the water at Noah’s Ark.

And here is where your trip to Noah’s Ark gets even better: is featuring 35% savings for general admission tickets. 35%! That’s a great deal for what is certainly going to be a great time.

Enjoy savings to Noah’s Ark, America’s largest water park, this summer with!

To say there’s a lot to do during your visit to Noah’s Ark would be a big understatement, but let’s take a quick peek at all the fun:

Noah’s Ark boasts an abundance of watery rides, including their thrilling water coaster, Black Anaconda; at over 1/4-mile long, Black Anaconda is a diabolical combination of water slide and roller coaster.

There’s also the world’s largest bowl ride, Time Warp. Wave goodbye to the present as your 4-person raft sets off into the Great Unknown, then plunges into the warp at hyper-speed and takes a wild spin through time and space.

And don’t miss Scorpion’s Tail: Ten stories high, 400-feet long, and an initial drop that sends you plummeting down at more than 50-feet per second. It’s America’s first nearly vertical water slide loop. Gulp!

Noah’s Ark also has plenty of attractions for kids. Whether you’re drifting down Adventure River or splashing around one of the Kiddie Areas, Noah’s Ark is pure family-fun. Be sure to check out the cabana rentals for extra shaded fun. And if you need a break from the hot sun, watch a movie in the 4-D Dive-In Theater, or hit the Arcades.

So plan your visit today with a quick detour beforehand to for 35% savings on general admission tickets.

By: Jeff Hyatt

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