Help Celebrate the Pink Flamingos’ New Home at Zoo Miami!

Visit Zoo Miami this weekend to celebrate the opening of the new entry plaza

Talk about perfect timing. Zoo Miami’s iconic pink flamingos will be center stage beginning this Friday for the debut of the zoo’s new entry plaza.

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The zoo’s beautiful flock of flamingos will now live in the newly designed entry plaza, situated right before the turnstiles, which means observing these lovely birds will be free of charge for viewing.

The beautiful flock of flamingos will now live in the newly designed entry plaza

The Entry Plaza Celebration runs this weekend (July 15-17), and features musical performers, live art, animal encounters and more. Enter Zoo Miami in a whole new way, and say hello to the pink flamingos!

Zoo Miami’s new plaza is part of a bigger project that also includes the “Mission Everglades” exhibit, set to open later this year. This unique exhibit will feature state-of-the-art interaction and informative displays about the significant animals found in South Florida. “Florida: Mission Everglades” will take guests into the different habitats found in the heart of Florida.

The flock of flamingo is now enjoying their new habitat at Zoo Miami

Experience alligators and crocodiles in a new way as you wander over a rickety bridge and an acrylic underwater tube. These exhibits come together to help visitors understand Zoo Miami’s collective mission of trying to save the Florida Everglades.

We’re excited about the pink flamingos, but let’s also take a moment to point out what a great experience it is to visit Zoo Miami, which features over 300 acres and more than 2,000 animals living in large open-air and indoor exhibits that approximate the animals’ natural habitats and provide guests the feel of a safari.

Zoo Miami is the ideal place for the entire family to spend a fun-filled day

Zoo Miami is the ideal place for the entire family to spend a fun-filled day. Guests can feed giraffes, pelicans, parrots, and a rhino; ride a camel; have animal encounters; meet the keepers during scheduled Meet the Zookeeper talks throughout the day; and much more.

So stop by this weekend to say hello to the beautiful pink flamingos in their new home, and enjoy a fun and exciting day at Zoo Miami.

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By: Jeff Hyatt

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