EBG To Celebrate $8M Orlando Ticket & Operation Center



Universal Orlando Resort, Cirque du Soleil and Local City Officials Join the Celebration in Support of Partnership with Longstanding Travel and Entertainment Provider; Mischief and Mayhem Expected with Arrival of Special Guests from Universal Orlando 

WHEN: Thursday, March 24 at 10:30 a.m.

WHAT: Entertainment Benefits Group will join executive leadership from top partners Universal Orlando Resort and Cirque du Soleil to celebrate its new Orlando ticket and operations center with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The momentous occasion will be highlighted by the arrival of special guests from Universal Orlando, who are guaranteed to create a little bit of mayhem and a whole lot of fun. Media and guests are invited to take office tours following the ceremony.

The event will mark a huge milestone for the growing company, which has called Orlando home for the past 15 years. Brett Reizen, co-founder and CEO, will speak about his decision to invest in the local area, and thank supplier partners for their continued support and commitment to fostering EBG’s vision for the future. Local government officials will present EBG with a proclamation in honor of the company’s tremendous impact on the local economy and decision to expand its operation in the city.

The 45,000 sq. ft. building was purchased by EBG in 2015 and underwent over $2 million in renovations featuring a full-service gym, yoga studio and meditation rooms for employees. The new, modern space is the heart of its operation, housing the majority of EBG’s employees, its customer service call center and providing guests and customers with Orlando’s Premiere Ticket Center to pick up and or purchase tickets.

Click here for all details.

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