Up, Up, and Away! Great Savings on Hot-Air Balloon Rides in Orlando


A fear of heights precludes this writer from ever partaking in a hot air balloon excursion, but I will happily stand on terra firma, look up and cheer on those who have floated up, up, up to the skies over Orlando for what looks to be a truly thrilling experience.

TicketsatWork.com has a phenomenal new savings special for anyone intrigued about taking their first ride in a hot air balloon – a great solution for when you’re having one of those, “I’m in the mood for something totally different today,” moments.

Here you get the thrill of a fun attraction in Orlando, plus the awesome view!

Orlando Balloon Rides invites you to view Florida as you’ve never seen before, and now TicketsatWork.com members can save money, enjoy free transportation and receive a gift card to use one whatever you’d like; all for what is going to be an amazing experience.

The company’s balloon rides begin at sunrise; the flight is approximately one hour, as you ascend anywhere from treetops to several thousand feet.

Guests meet one hour prior to sunrise, then travel to the launch site. Inflation takes about 20 minutes and then it’s to the skies!

Once you’re airborne your pilot will point out the spectacular sites of the Orlando area, from the famous theme parks to the Orange groves and forests, to swamps untouched for thousands of years.

Upon landing a traditional champagne toast is held to celebrate your wonderful adventure. You are also presented with a personalized flight certificate. Souvenirs are available at the Orlando Balloon Rides gift shop.

The pilots are all FAA certified, highly experienced and are full time professionals.

Enjoy some peace and tranquility among the clouds with Orlando Balloon Rides; celebrate a special occasion, jazz up your vacation, or just experience this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

By: Jeff Hyatt

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