Top Five Fun Things to do at the Chicago Children’s Museum

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Splash, build, climb, create, explore and discover: That’s a fun day right there! And that’s exactly what you’ll find at the Chicago Children’s Museum, a super blend of playing and learning in the Windy City for kids and their families!

Located on the historic Navy Pier, the Chicago Children’s Museum is now definitely one of Chicago’s best attractions to visit.

And can save you over 10% on tickets!

Designed primarily for kids ages 10 and under, the family-friendly museum features three exciting floors of engaging exhibits and activities that provide sensory experiences and educational content focusing on literacy, science, math, visual and performing arts, and health.

Exhibits include a dinosaur expedition, climbing a three-story schooner, water playground (bring a change of clothes!), art studio, skyscraper building, interactive grocery store, treehouse trails, and much more.

The museum also hosts a range of traveling exhibits and special performances throughout the year.

Here’s a peek at 5 must-see exhibits while at the Chicago Children’s Museum:

• Skyline – Design and build your own one-of-a-kind structure using wooden struts, real tools, and authentic gear. Take the Skyscraper Challenge to record yourself at work and tell the story of what you did. Includes special activities for babies and toddlers.

• Pets Unleashed – The new exhibit channels children’s natural love of animals into a fantastical pet paradise, filled with climbable dwellings, “pets” and props of all kinds, for hours of open-ended, imaginative play.

• Treehouse Trails – Camp, climb, burrow, and pretend in this enchanted forest setting. Canoe and fish in the blue river, splash in a mountain waterfall, build a fort under the enormous tree house, and serve a stew in the log cabin.

• Waterways – Make a splash in this flowing, squirting, pumping playground. Feel the power of water as you control the flow with pulleys, wheels, and pipes. Navigate your boat through the locks and dams of the mighty river. You may get wet as you immerse yourself in the sensory-rich world of water—hand dryers are available nearby!

• Play It Safe – Step into the boots of a firefighter and discover a whole new way to Play It Safe. Put on authentic gear, slide down the pole, drive the truck, and put out the “fire.”

The Chicago Children’s Museum has many wonderful interactive exhibits and programs to explore; this is definitely a full day in the making. There’s enough hands-on ‘experiences’ to keep the kids climbing and building and playing for hours.

Stop by the CCM Gift Shop to shop for educational toys. You’ll find an assortment of one-of-a-kind dolls, puzzles, games and more for kids (and grownups) of all ages.

The Chicago Children’s Museum is a fabulous resource for Chicago locals, and all the families coming to town to visit.

Create, learn, explore, and discover with the whole family at the Chicago Children’s Museum. Visit before you go and save over 10%.

Children under 12 months are free.

Hours of Operation:
Open daily 10am-5pm
Thursdays: 10am-8pm

By: Jeff Hyatt

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