Last Chance: Kids Get in Free at San Diego Zoo

Kids go free to San Diego Zoo through the end of October. Check out for more incredible ticket options!

We’re less than a week to go before we bid adieu to October and welcome November. But this impending flip of the calendar doesn’t mean Southern California locals and visitors can’t take advantage of our super ticket deal: Kids get free entry to the world famous San Diego Zoo!

But hurry! The special ends after Sunday, Oct. 31st.

Grabs the kids, call your friends and make a date to explore this amazing zoo; visit centers for reptiles, birds, primates, cats (really, really big ones), and the always excellent panda exhibit.

Hard to believe how time flies, but the San Diego Zoo started this Kids Free October special 30 years ago, designed to give children a chance to visit the Zoo and learn about the Earth’s creatures and conservation efforts.

Throughout the month of October, children 11 years old and younger receive free admission, except time is running out! Time to visit we feature a 1-Day Pass and a 2-Visit Pass (San Diego Zoo or San Diego Zoo Safari Park) for our members.

Highlights of the San Diego Zoo include:

Panda Trek – One of the San Diego Zoo’s most popular areas transports guests into a world inspired by China’s giant panda reserves. Visitors can learn about animals that share habitat with this endangered bear species, including takins, red pandas and the Mang Mountain pit viper. The journey ends at the panda habitat, where guests can continue to learn about the Zoo’s pandas as well as its efforts with China to save this species.
Reptile Walk – Get an up-close look at animals that slither and crawl at the Zoo’s Reptile Walk, located behind the Reptile House and across from the Galapagos tortoise exhibit. Reptile Walk is home to more than 50 species of tortoises, crocodiles and amphibians and a surprising collection of creatures native to California.

The Harry and Grace Steele Elephant Odyssey – The 7.5-acre habitat is a first-of-its-kind experience, providing an entertaining and educational journey. Elephant Odyssey combines the fun of a zoo with the experience of a museum by creating an untamed landscape of animals from the past and present.

That’s just a brief snippet of what the San Diego Zoo has to offer!

We’re talking 100 acres of zoo hosting more than 3,700 animals and 650-plus species. That is definitely a full day of exploring!

1-Day Pass includes: Admission, unlimited use of Guided Bus Tour, Kangaroo Express Bus, and Skyfari Aerial Tram, all shows and exhibits. Excludes Special Ticketed Events/Attractions.

2-Visit Pass includes choice of:
One visit to the San Diego Zoo and one visit to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park
OR Two visits to the San Diego Zoo
OR Two visits to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

By: Jeff Hyatt

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