Say Hello to a Velociraptor at Universal Studios Hollywood

raptor-encounter-Universal-studios-hollywood (2)

It shouldn’t take very long for visitors at Universal Studios Hollywood to notice what’s roaming around the theme park these days: Two, 750-pound Velociraptors.

Fifteen-feet high and featuring lots of teeth, the Prehistoric beasts have decided to exit their comfy home inside “Jurassic Park – The Ride” and wander amongst guests as part of the park’s thrilling new “Raptor Encounter.”

Did we mention the big teeth?

Fans now have the opportunity to enjoy their very own face-to-face encounter with one of the frightening dinosaur duo.

Lucky for guests, a team of highly skilled dinosaur handlers (dressed like Chris Pratt‘s raptor trainer character from Jurassic World) work with the Raptors, guiding them for up close and personal greetings for brave guests in a special area of the park, located nearby “Jurassic Park—The Ride.”

The ear-piercing screeches and menacing eye contact only amplifies the excitement of your very own heroic standoff with these life-like, ferocious creatures. Oh, forgot to mention the 12-inch talons and 56 “razor sharp, bone-crushing teeth.”

Sure, there’s lots of chomping and growling and your basic, terrifying dinosaur stuff, but still… this is a classic dinosaur selfie opportunity!

For kids of all ages who love dinosaurs – and can’t get enough of the Jurassic World movie – the “Raptor Encounter” is a must-visit attraction.

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