Discover the Dominican Republic

by: Maureen Mariano
Content Team,

Enjoy an all-inclusive stay at Alsol Del Mar during your next trip to the Dominican Republic with great savings from TicketsatWork.

I once dreamt of a sun-drenched utopia adorned with white sandy beaches, rows of swaying palm trees, crystal clear waters, breathtaking coral cliffs and a mix of ultra-lush resorts and old Spanish towns. Until lo and behold, I found out that heaven on earth does exist in the island of Hispaniola: the Dominican Republic. Perfect for honeymooners, singles, families and friends alike, this tropical paradise offers an incredible selection of world-class resorts and unique experiences for your next vacation.

Create memories that will last a lifetime with TicketsatWork’s collection of the finest accommodations and activities in the Dominican Republic at exceptional prices. From all-inclusive resorts located next to pristine stretches of coastlines to exciting animal encounters with exotic marine life, here are our top three things to do in the Dominican Republic. Just remember to pack the sunscreen!

  1. Book Your Stay at an All-Inclusive Resort in Punta Cana
    The easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana boasts a number of luxury resorts to choose from. Save big at TicketsatWork with all-inclusive rates to make your tropical stay complete. Vista Sol Punta Cana Beach Resort, Alsol Del Mar, Barcel Bvaro Beach and more offer guests onsite dining, well-equipped suites, stunning pools, rec, spa and other premium amenities, all in one location, so you’ll never have to leave.
  2. Explore Ocean World Adventure Park
    Venture into the largest man-made dolphin habitat in the world at Ocean World Adventure Park. TicketsatWork has discount tickets for family members of all ages to experience memorable encounters with beautiful sea creatures including playful dolphins and the clown of the sea, the Patagonian Sea Lion.

  1. Get The Bravissimo Experience
    Coined Puerto Plata’s best night out, The Bravissimo Experience allows guests to end their day in the Dominican Republic with a bang! Satiate your appetite with a deliciously flavorful dinner as you watch a vibrant musical production that takes you through different cultures of the world. Not to mention, unlimited wine, rum, beer and other beverages are also included!

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