Coming Soon: Universal Orlando’s Future Projects!

Since opening the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (my favorite!), Universal Orlando has become known for bringing the best and most exciting attractions to its parks. After some more exciting reveals, I can tell you that I for one cannot wait for all these new attractions to open. With discount tickets from, and some insider information from yours truly, here is a quick rundown of what Universal Orlando has revealed as of now.

Universal to get Water Park in 2017 with Universal’s Volcano Bay!

Universal’s Volcano Bay – So we all know that Universal Orlando knows how to make a fun theme park. So how can they up the ante? Build a water park! Volcano Bay, opening in 2017, will be the third park that is sure to have someone for everyone. It is set to be cutting edge and fully immersive, poised to change the way we look at water parks altogether!

Opening Summer 2016, the Lowes Sapphire Falls Resort will add an on-site Caribbean destination for guests.

Caribbean-themed Loews Sapphire Falls Resort – If you’re like me, there is nothing better than staying on site when visiting Universal Orlando. Opening Summer 2016, the Lowes Sapphire Falls Resort will add a Caribbean destination for just that. Featuring 1,000 rooms and suits the casual resort is sure to be a hit with Universal Orlando visitors.

Get the best sports entertainment experience at the new NBC Sports Grill & Brew opening on CityWalk.

NBC Sports Grill & Brew – Not all the fun is in the parks. Visitors to Universal Orlando know that there is plenty to do at CityWalk. With nearly 100 HD TVs, 100 unique selections of beers, and state of the art facilities, this will be every sports fan dream! If you’re a fan of sports, love good food, or simply like to have a good time, this will definitely be a spot for you.

For the 25th Anniversary of Halloween Horror Nights, guests will get to experience the most well-known and maniacal clown in history, Jack the Clown.

Jack is Back! – Not for the faint of heart, the sadistic clown who has always been the poster boy for Halloween Horror Nights has returned for the 25th Anniversary. Showing years of wear and an even crazier look in his eyes, fans of the horror event are sure to have a good time. There will be nine houses total, more scare actors, and a longer calendar, ensuring fans are get the most of the scares this year.

Nintendo + Universal = Win – Whether you’ve played Mario, crushed buttons in super smash bros, or gone on an adventure with Link, most everyone knows something about Nintendo. So what happens when Nintendo and Universal Theme Parks join forces? A great win for just about everyone. While there are not many details as of yet, we can only hope to see a Zelda water ride or Mario Kart experience in the near future.

King Kong returns to Universal Orlando with Skull Island: Reign of Kong opening next summer

Skull Island: Reign of Kong – I still remember today the first time I visited Universal Orlando and had a “Kongfrontation.” Now, with a whole new area designed after Skull Island, and the promise of a more interactive and immersive meeting with “the eighth wonder of the world,” I cannot wait till Summer 2016.

So get ready, because the coming years are going to be some for the record books, especially when you’re enjoying your time in the parks with discounted tickets from TicketsatWork. You can be sure I’ll be there giving you the latest news on all the fun to be had on the latest attractions.

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