The Anaheim Hotel Difference

by: Alex Mateo
Content Team,

The balcony view from the Hilton Anaheim Hotel near Disneyland, you can see Cars Land and Tower of Terror at California Adventure.

If you can look out your balcony and see Mickey’s Fun Wheel, Grizzly Peak, The Tower of Terror, and what looks like the back of the mountains of Radiator Springs in Cars Land, you are staying at an Anaheim hotel near Disneyland overlooking Disney California Adventure theme park. I don’t think there’s a better way to start your day in the morning than looking out the window and watching the morning sunrise blaze through the clouds to shine on the theme park where you’ll spend the day. has really great deals on Anaheim Hotels that will make your Disneyland vacation a success, not to mention easy. I’d recommend hotels like The Anabella Hotel and Desert Palms Hotel and Suites that are located less than a mile from Disneyland (the theme parks are visible) and you’ll save big with

I am from Southern California, so I’ve never stayed at a hotel in Anaheim before this trip. My family would always drive to Disneyland and drive back at night. But now I know now that staying in Anaheim is way better. The hotel was just a 3 minute walk to one of the Disneyland parking lots, and from there you can easily take a bus to the theme parks. There are also hotel shuttles that run every twenty minutes back and forth to Disneyland. The best part is you save time and energy, which you can now spend at Disneyland. You won’t have to wake up super early to get there on time. Traffic is not an issue, and at the end of the night; you’ll be in bed in no time. Ready to wake up refreshed for another day of the Happiest Place on Earth. And if you have to leave early… you can always plan on watching the fireworks from your balcony instead.

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