Animated Cars Characters take over Cars Land

by: Alex Mateo
Content Team,

Mater led the way into Cars Land at Disney California Adventure theme park.

When I first walked into Cars Land at Disney California Adventure, I was greeted by Mater, who was parked by the Cozy Cone for his regularly scheduled Meet and Greet. “Welcome to Radiators Springs…” he said, as he drove off leading the way towards the mountains. As my son and I waved goodbye to Mater, he honked and we were on our way to Radiator Springs Racers, which we had acquired Fast Passes to earlier in the day.

Tip #1: Get your Fast Pass for Radiator Springs Racers early, they can be found before you pass A Bug’s Land.

After the race, we went back near the Cozy Cone to see Red the Fire Truck, and as a special bonus; Red noticed my son was wearing his Happy Birthday button. As soon as he saw it, Red honked a Happy Birthday tune, and my five year old’s face lit up. “He just wished me Happy Birthday!”

We were lucky, because right after we said bye to Red the Fire Truck. DJ was setting up near the intersection. The Cars characters at Cars Land are all very animated. Mater wiggles his side mirrors, lowers his hook, and his motor moves; he also talks. Red doesn’t talk but he does move his side mirrors, honks his horns, and raises his ladder. Now with DJ, he has hydraulics, neat LED lights, and one crazy sound system. He starts a dance party and rocks out with the gals for Flo’s Diner and you too. DJ’s Dance ‘n’ Drive show is fun for all; kids are invited to dance with the diner girls around DJ as he churns up the hits like “Life is a Highway” from Cars.

There’s also a meet and greet with Lightening McQueen, but we didn’t get to see him this trip. We had a 2 Day Park Hopper from TicketsatWork, and we spent the next day at Disneyland. Until next time McQueen, we did see you at Radiator Springs Racers though.

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