Broadway Night Out with Hurley’s Bar and WICKED!

Plum Benefits powered by had another night out on Broadway with drinks at Hurley’s Bar New York with Wicked on Broadway next.

On Wednesday April 29th around 100 clients and guests sipped on the WICKED martini elixir and munched on hors d’oeuvres at the pre-show networking event at Hurley’s bar in Times Square hosted by Plum Benefits Powered by TicketsatWork. Following the networking part of the night the group headed to the theater and enjoyed the 12 year long running production, WICKED. Hurley’s Bar is conveniently located minutes from The Gershwin Theatre, where WICKED plays nightly, dark on Mondays.


A big congrats to the clients with the top sign ups! Both Carolyn Jones of Maontefiore (359 sign ups) and Kathleen Castillo of LVMH Group (192 sign ups) won an exclusive behind the scenes tour following the show. What’s behind the emerald curtains? Well, let’s just say it’s more than just Wizard of Oz. Get your Company signed up today for today, and maybe you’ll find out too.

            IMG_2748                 IMG_2755
Two of the cast from WICKED the musical mingled and took photos with the guests before they hit the stage!

IMG_2759          IMG_2758  IMG_2756         IMG_2753

By Melanie Parker

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