Doing Walt Disney World Solo

by: Maureen Mariano
Content Team, TicketsatWork

Experience the magic of Walt Disney World as you travel solo!

There’s no doubt that the magic of Walt Disney World is better shared among family and friends, but traveling alone to The Most Magical Place on Earth can also be an exciting opportunity to enjoy your trip the way you want to! Whether you’re in Orlando for business and have a day off or you just want some alone time to relax and unwind for the weekend, Disney Parks offer the best playground to have fun without the need of companions. Here’s why:

You’re on Your Own Schedule – Start your day with a ride down Splash Mountain … and then do it all over again at noon. Who’s there to tell you otherwise? Traveling solo means you can do the things you want to do without compromising the rest of your party’s interests. Plus, there’s no one there to judge you if you want to double fist a Turkey Leg and the Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar.

You Get to Take the Single Rider Lines – Say goodbye to long lines packed with huge groups and crying children, and say hello to much shorter lines with little to no wait times. Speed down Test Track in Epcot or scream your lungs out at Rock N Roller Coaster in Hollywood Studios. There are plenty of rides that have the Single Rider Lines that allow you enjoy the thrills of Disney rides however many times your heart desires!

You Can Make New Friends – While you wait in line at your favorite ride or as you travel on the monorail en route to Magic Kingdom, traveling alone forces you to strike up a conversation with just about everyone you come into contact with. Who knows? A friendly chat can lead to a lifelong friendship.

You Can Take Endless Selfies and Use PhotoPass Photographers – Just because you’re by yourself doesn’t mean you can’t capture priceless memories. You can look back and say, “Hey, I traveled to Disney alone, and I had a great time!” So with the perfect lighting and background behind you, go ahead and take those selfies. PhotoPass photographers are also scattered around the parks, so you can have professional photos of your trip to cherish forever.

There are tons of reasons to travel to Walt Disney World solo, and with amazing deals from TicketsatWork, I honestly hope you give it a try! It might just be the next best thing.

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