All Aboard the Party Bus by Nite Tours

by  Maureen Mariano
Content Team,

Party Bus by Nite Tours

As a Miami native, I didn’t think any other place could top the nightlife scene. But last night I witnessed firsthand Las Vegas was the city to do just that – and then some – thanks to Vegas Club Hop by Nite Tours. Immediately after arriving at The Cromwell’s Interlude, we were greeted by a larger-than-life Nite Tours host who gave us a rundown of the evening. Soon after, the other club hoppers and I were off to our first club, Drai’s Nightclub, which was only a ride up the elevator to the 11th floor of the same hotel. I definitely loved the grandeur of it all, the luxurious décor, bumping soundtracks and awesome lighting.

But the real party came later, when we hopped on board Nite Tours’ Party Bus en route to our second destination, LAX Nightclub at the Luxor. Our host turned the evening up a notch higher when he started to serve everyone free drinks, one after the other. From there, the entire bus let loose with him leading the way. He even began to dip and twirl on the bus’ stripper pole! So work hard and play even harder with great deals from TicketsatWork. You and your friends can experience up to three premiere nightclubs with the Vegas Club Hop by Nite Tours. And sometimes, the ride is the best part rather than the destination especially if you’re riding the Party Bus!

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