Pasta and Pals from SeaWorld Orlando

by: Alex Mateo
Content Team,

An America bald eagle perched in the offices of TicketsatWork when SeaWorld Orlando came to visit for a lunch event.

Working at has its benefits, and I’m talking besides the discounts we all get by enrolling in the program. I truly appreciate all the wonderful partners we work closely with every day. SeaWorld Orlando is a perfect example. They recently came and visited our office in Miami, but came with a sea of surprises.

One was a beautiful American bald eagle. I love chatting with the SeaWorld Orlando team; they are always so knowledgeable about the animals. I learned about his wing span, his diet, and more, also the fact that this bald eagle was injured and saved by SeaWorld. They also brought a Toucan to the party with vibrant yellow and red feathers, but I have to say that my favorite pal they brought was a porcupine. I’ve never had the chance before to touch the quills of a porcupine. Now I see why the porcupine has no natural predators.

After taking photos with the cool animals, we got to test our knowledge of SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment while having some lunch. Pasta, my favorite, how did they know? I won a SeaWorld dry-fit shirt when I answered a trivia question correct. What is the only SeaWorld Orlando attraction that has been open since the park opened in 1973? It’s a ride that takes you 400 feet above SeaWorld Orlando for beautiful panoramic views, Sky Tower. A wonderful end to a great lunch experience with our partners at SeaWorld Orlando, and we also did get to talk about our ticket deals and secure more fantastic offers for you only at

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