Revitalize the Workforce

by: Debra Wheatman
President, Careers Done Write

Change your mood with travel and entertainment and revitalize your workforce with

So I’ve been thinking about good weather a lot lately (mainly, as you can guess because we never get any). There isn’t a minute this week that I haven’t wished that we were heading into the month of June instead of the March freeze that we have before us.

Still, I’m not complaining (too much.) I’m just considering how weather affects our moods, or at least the way in which the weather affects mine. This morning’s ice storm left me tired and lifeless. Shuffling through slush creates a somberness that no amount of protein power smoothies can balance out.  And all the vitamins I gather up don’t seem to energize me one iota when there isn’t an occasional glimpse of sunshine on the horizon. Is it just me? Or does it seem as if we all could use something invigorating….at work, in school, in life?

As far as me getting my energy back anytime soon, all bets are off….but at least there is some hope for revitalization for you. Once you register your employees, as well as yourself, for TicketsatWork, you and your company will have access to countless ideas for energizing, revitalizing, and getting your groove back. So if it’s a Broadway show that tickles your fancy, or just taking in a movie, your energy level deserves a lift. Let’s all shift our moods in the right direction….

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