The Great Escape

by: Debra Wheatman
President, Careers Done Write

spring-trip-disney-world (2)

With the chilly forecast this morning, it’s time to think about the best way to escape the frigid temperatures. This season, I am more than ready to plan the perfect trip for my entire family to sunny Orlando, Florida. I know from personal experiences this is the time of year when we need it most.

Last year, I waited until summer for our first-ever family vacation to Orlando, but I realize now that sooner would have been better. We always save when we use; but if you plan a spring trip, there are even better deals to be had, and spring in Orlando is cool and fresh with just the right amount of heat. Mind you, last summer, we all had a blast. The best part of the trip for my family was Universal Studios, which seems to have a wide range of rides and adventures that appeal to everyone’s tastes. But we also enjoyed Walt Disney World; I made sure we all had Park Hopper passes and FastPass+ reservations for all of our preferred rides. It takes some planning, but it’s worth it.

So whether it’s a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida, or Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey in New York City, you and your employees will have your choice of activities. And while you are giving your employees all of these choices to think about, I will be soaking in the sun in beautiful Orlando, Florida, enjoying my family time. Why not bring your family along and join me?

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